Oh hi!

Oh dear friends, such a lot has happened. Mario Cruzado made us a film with live tracks and footage from our Sounding rehearsals and shows in August. We are delighted to be performing the show again with a full whack of fabulous and favourite musicians on the 21st Jan in Glasgow as part of Celtic Connections: it’ll feature all our new tracks and Lomond Campbell’s Black River Promise too. TICKETS

Here’s the film, it’s dreamy.

So we finished up our new LP, recorded at thon Pumpkinfield with all of our Sounding orchestra players, and some more besides. Their work was extraordinarily committed and a true delight, and we never seem to tire of writing music for people who have inexhaustible supplies of both talent and patience.

Some of us took a treacherous snowy adventure in a slightly baldy skoda to Hawick to Precise to get the record mastered. The studio is like a clean white 70s-vision-of-the-future spaceship with aweome gear and nice biscuits (car too as it happens), and we’d heartily recommend the clever Sam, so we thoroughly enjoyed sitting watching someone else do lots of work after we’d slogged almightily in the preceding days (364 days, spookily) to get it all to that point. We are EXCITED to begin to share to you some singles and videos and all the bits in the next few months.

Rob did do a thing in a forest called Sing the Gloaming¬†with long-time collaborators Tommy Perman and Simon Kirby. Joe and Emily contributed some vocalisations for this, based on ‘gl’ phonaesthemes relating to light, which were committed to tape and processings and played to their ultimate demise in the leafy-deep dark of the night. Good times.

And our wee scamp Swell to Great, re-released on Fire, has been vacationing around Europe without us, garnering some sweet reviews from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Germany and beyond, offering us ample on-line translation amusement, but also hopefully paving the way to some dinky European shows this year on release of our LP.

Thanks for listening,

Ta-ra then, love you, Emily and the band xxx